Sunday 28 July 2013

TLFG: 29 July - 4 August 2013

Hi there one and all. Apologies for the very late publication, I've hardly had a spare moment all week and as a result this week's effort will be a bit scaled back.

It's mainly going to be about ticket information and the match map as I've simply run out of time.

I did manage my first match of pre-season last Sunday - Kingstonian's 4-1 win over Dulwich Hamlet in the final of the Geoff Harvey Memorial Vase at Corinthian Casuals' ground.

Dulwich Hamlet go close to making it 1-1 but fail and see it all go downhill

Apart from this, a huge amount of time has been put towards getting the Non-League Day website ready for launch and hopefully it'll be up sometime in the next 24 hours.

The week ahead is a big one with the Football League and Combined Counties League seasons getting under way in earnest on Saturday 3 August. There are also some prestigious friendlies several of which feature in the Emirates Cup - Arsenal's annual pre-season spectacular featuring Galatasaray, Napoli and Porto.

Anyway, that's enough about me. Remember to let me know what you've been up to and if you're interested in reviewing a ground within the London area for this blog then get in touch. Also keep the general correspondence coming, I enjoy answering your questions and offering advice if I can.

You can contact TLFG through the comments section below or via Facebook or Twitter.

Each week at TLFG we attempt to compile a list of what's on general sale to non-members at London's Premier League clubs and for other notable matches (click on the team name for details).

Wednesday 14 August, 8pm - Scotland, international friendly, Wembley
Friday 6 September, 8pm - Moldova, World Cup qualifier, Wembley
Friday 11 October, 8pm - Montenegro, World Cup qualifier, Wembley (on sale 30 July)

Saturday 3 August:
Galatasaray v FC Porto, 2pm
Arsenal v Napoli, 420pm
Sunday 4 August:
Napoli v FC Porto, 2pm
Arsenal v Galatasaray, 420pm

Nothing currently available

Saturday 10 August, 3pm - Lazio, friendly

Monday 5 August, 8pm - Real Betis, friendly
Saturday 10 August, 3pm - Parma, friendly
Saturday 14 September, 3pm - West Bromwich Albion, Premier League (on sale 24 July)
Saturday 5 October, 3pm - Stoke City, Premier League (on sale 25 July)
Saturday 23 November, 3pm - Swansea City, Premier League (on sale 26 July)

Saturday 10 August, 530pm - RCD Espanyol, friendly
Sunday 25 August, 4pm - Swansea City, Premier League (on sale 25 July)

Saturday 10 August, 3pm - Pa├žos de Ferreira, friendly
Saturday 17 August, 3pm - Cardiff City, Premier League (on sale 23 July)
Saturday 31 August, 3pm - Stoke City, Premier League (on sale 23 July)

There are over 90 matches in the London area this week. However, this number could change as friendlies, particularly involving non-league teams, are often arranged, cancelled or have their venue changed at quite short notice. Therefore, always check with clubs before you travel. Also, please let me know if anything is wrong or missing.

Details on all of this week's games can be found in the following match map. If you've never used it before, please note that when there is more than one match at a specific ground you'll only be able to see individual match pins if you zoom right in. If you don't, the pins obscure each other and you might miss them. To avoid this, you can also scroll down the list of games on the left side of the map page to make sure you get all the information.

Also if you're unfamiliar with the English league structure I indicate the level at which an individual league sits in the national 'pyramid' with the Premier League at the top (Level 1) and various minor leagues at the bottom (Level 10). Typically a top level game will see crowds of anywhere between 20,000-60,000. These figures will gradually decline as you go down the leagues until you get to Levels 8-10 where attendances of 100 or less are most common.

Yellow pin - Monday fixtures
Green pin - Tuesday fixtures
Turquoise pin - Wednesday fixtures
Purple pin - Thursday fixtures
Magenta pin - Friday fixtures
Blue pin - Saturday fixtures
Red pin - Sunday fixtures

If you have any questions or want advice about watching football in London, you can contact TLFG using the comments section below or via FacebookTwitter or email.

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