On this page you'll find a list of books which you might find interesting or helpful when it comes to planning a football trip to London. If you click through and buy one of them then TLFG will receive a commission.



A fine book which explores the roots of football in the capital and how the game as we know it today developed.

This book follows the history of the sport in the capital, from its foundations in the days of gentleman amateurs to the obscene wealth and tabloid scandals of the modern age.

BBC journalist Chris Slegg goes through some of the big events in Tottenham's history and gets insight from some of the club's greatest players and managers ahead of White Hart Lane's closure


This guide, written in German, is one I helped its author to research. It provides all you need to know about visiting London's professional clubs.


This revised book, written in Dutch, is another one I helped to research. Paul spent around six weeks living in London and visited all its professional clubs and a few others. I even make a somewhat unfortunate appearance in it myself. The original version is also available in German.


Two recently published guides for more general information about visiting London.



Stuart Fuller, chairman of non-league club Lewes, is also an accomplished international football groundhopper - these two volumes recount his experiences around the world.

This book follows the author as he travels along the legendary 'Road To Wembley' watching matches in every round of the FA Cup from the Extra Preliminary Round right through to the final.

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